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Updated April 12, 2004

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This section offers a quick guide to Kelly history for those interested in the basic facts only.

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Facts at a glance:

Assorted Kelly Facts

- Time Line
Bailup's comprehensive time line tracks the history of the Kelly gang and the lives of its members. It includes major events, as well as prior criminal activities and convictions. More?

- Personal details of Kelly gang of outlaws
Personal details, descriptions and pictures of the Kelly gang members. More?

- General historical overview of the Gang (with Glossary)
This section outlines and explains all of the important events of the 'Kelly Outbreak' and includes a basic Glossary of terms. More?


Fact or fiction? (Studying history):

Distinguishing Fact from Theory

The work of the historian involves sorting through all available information about an event or specific period of history, and determining what is provable truth and what is conjecture. This section includes a detailed glossary of frequently used terms essential to any historical study, (such as; Evidence, Fact, Primary Sources, and Conclusions etc.) >>More Detail>>

Understanding Memory and Oral History

The prevalent Kelly story relies to a large degree on oral history. Oral history should not be discounted simply due to its being unable to be substantiated. It has value, but should be presented in context, rather than as 'fact'. Oral history can be influenced by any number of factors, the most significant of which would be personal perception, and errors in memory process.

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>>More Detail>>


History in detail:

- Detailed look into a number of the various topics in Kelly history that are currently disputed. >>More Detail>>



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