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Updated February, 2006

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Ned Kelly has inspired numerous books and continues to do so. I will review and keep you updated with any new or re-released Kelly books.
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RECOMMENDED Kelly Books - Coming soon


Australian Son: The story of Ned Kelly by Max Brown
The first modern account of the Kelly outbreak, and Ned's first biography, was originally published in 1948 and has been the inspiration for countless Kelly authors since. NCS publishing are now offering a fully revised and updated edition, available for purchase online at
Paperback $29.95 NCS Publishing
Release: Currently available

Ned Kelly's Last Days by Alex Castles
Piecing together a vast jigsaw of obscure records and unpublished material, Alex Castles sets the record straight on the highly questionable judicial processes of the time and sheds a whole new light on the life and death of the most famous bushranger of them all.
Paperback $26.95 Allen & Unwin
Release Date: July 2005 Currently available

Book currently being reviewed



What they said about Ned by Brian MacDonald
Comprehensive reference booklet. Annoted bibliography of books, magazines, articles and journals on the Kelly gang.
Booklet $55.00 via ebay
Release Date: Currently available.
For book review (13/12/04) - click HERE

The Ned Kelly Encyclopaedia by Justin Corfield
A comprehensive encyclopaedia on all things 'Kelly', this volume includes 570 black & white photographs, and fifteen maps and plans.
Hardcover $49.95 Lothian Books

Release Date: Currently available
or The Age newspaper's review (20/03/04) "This is not how a proper encyclopaedia is meant to work." - click HERE
For book review (12/12/04) - click HERE

Blood in the Dust by A.N.Baron
Inside the minds of Ned Kelly and Joe Byrne. A comprehensive graphological analysis of the handwriting of two of Australia's most enigmatic men. Includes a historical overview of the Kelly gang.

Paperback $24.95 Publisher: NCS
Release Date: Currently available.

Blood in the Dust can be purchased via the following: Austin Hospital, Level 4 shop, Heidelberg; Kate's Cottage, Glenrowan; Ned Kelly's World, Glenrowan; via or online via ironoutlaw
For book review (23/4/04) - click HERE

The True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey
Fiction, story of the life of Australian bushranger, Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang
Released in Hardcover and Paperback (various cover designs)
First published 2000 University of Queensland Press
(Printed in Australia by Griffin Press Pty Ltd)

For review of Fact and Fiction within the novel - click HERE




Ned Kelly Last stand Ned Kelly: The Last Stand
Thomas Carrington, Edited by Ian Jones
A slim collection of drawings and text by press artist, Thomas Carrington who was an eyewitness to the siege at Glenrowan.
Paperback $19.95 Lothian Books (Currently available)
For book review (22/11/03) - click HERE

Ned Kelly movieNed Kelly: The screenplay
by John Michael McDonagh
Paperback, Fiction, $21.95
Currency Press (Currently available)
For book review (5/05/03) - click HERE

Ned Kelly Friendship'The Fatal Friendship' story of the murder of Aaron Sherritt, and the friendship between Kelly, Byrne and Sherritt.
by Ian Jones
Paperback, non-fiction (re-release)
(Currently available)
For book review (26/03/03) - click HERE



Ned Kelly Black Snake
'BLACK SNAKE The daring of Ned Kelly'
by Carole Wilkinson

Aimed at school aged readers
(Currently available)
For book review (12/10/02) - click HERE

Ned Kelly cinders

The escape and life of outlaw Dan Kelly, member of the notorious
Ned Kelly Gang (Novel) (September 2002 release)
by Vince Allen and Carolyn Allen
For book review (13/9/02) - click HERE

Ned Kelly Seal
The Legend of Ned Kelly'
by Dr. Graham Seal
(Currently Available)
For book review (12/8/02) and interview with the author - click HERE

For an extensive list of Kelly books and reviews go to

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