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14/05/06 Re: The Last Outlaw on DVD

AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In JB HI Fi the other day and found The Last Outlaw on DVD, no extras, no interviews or special features and not digitally enhaced but it is the whole series, not butchered etc. John Jarrat is the best Ned Kelly since Ned himself. Met John a while back at local shopping centre and told him so. He thought Heath Ledger was very average (I am puting it nicely).
Karina D
Tweed Heads South NSW
Thanks for the heads up Karina

24/04/06 Re: re:the book,The Inner History Of The Kelly Gang

Dear bailup,
I have a soft cover book dated 1929 by J.J.Kenneally. with foreword by G.C.Stanley.
1st Edition-1stMarch,1929
2nd Edition-1st May,1929
printed and published by Ruskin Russel St Melbourne 1929
The Title is The Inner History of the Kelly Gang.
Could you please give me some idea what the value of this book is.
Your's Sincerly
Peter Carter
Hi Peter, The book you have is a bit of a treasure for collectors of Kellyana (and one of my favs) and you would certainly have no trouble finding a buyer. I paid about $50 for the same book (in excellent condition) a few years back, but I do not want to offer you an estimate of your books worth as I would only be guessing, plus its value will depend greatly on its condition. You could contact Taspsells Bookstore in Beechworth Victoria, as they specialise in rare second hand books particularly any on Kelly history, given their location they would have specific interest in the book. email address -
Of course, you could always offer it on the ebay lottery. But if i were you - i wouldn't sell it.

24/04/06 Re: Ned Kelly

Hello, I am an irish student studying Ned Kelly and i would you like you to clear two points for me please
1)What did Ned Kelly hope to achieve by fighting against the police
2)Why is he so popular today?
Thank you Darragh Jones

17/04/06 Re: Bail Up poem

It was well past midnight we sat near froze
Soaked to our skins through to our toes
We’d the devils own work upon this night
No comfort the rain no moon to light

Just the two of us my cove and I
To rob the Queen’s mail it’ll pass us nigh
Now here the coach be in no great rush
Along the old road the Bargo Brush

“Bail Up” I shouted out
My intentions be known left little doubt
The driver reigned up near died of fright
As we came along side our revolvers in sight

“Bail Up” “I say can’t you hear?”
I turned to my cove, and said “You take the rear”
“Come now driver hand over that mail”
“Or I’ll shoot you down of that I’ll go bail”

“Ay all you gentlemen in the coach step down”
“Hand over your watches your jewels and crown”
“Keep nothing back if you value your lives”
“Come step lively and you’ll see your wives”

Most had sovereigns’ cheques and gold
Other’s pound notes in their large billfold
We’d taken every shilling every guinea worth
Apoligised to them all for the accident of birth

“Get aboard now gentlemen our business is done”
‘Be on your way ‘fore the rising of the sun’
The driver gathered up the reigns in his hand
Took off at a shot we watched where we stand

The lanterns of the coach could be seen no more
We waited awhile longer as to be quite sure
Then I laughed to my cove “This night we’d a ball”
“Our bags near full actually quite a haul”

“We must put seat to saddle if we want to get away”
“And leave no trail for the traps this day”
We lathered our roans along the track
As they’d be after us every man jack

Back to the Hollow with the jewels and cash
In the Nulla Mountains our own secret stash
For there we’d be safe no other land
‘Till we again ventured out and try our hand.
© Terry Knights

(I wrote this poem after reading the book “Robbery Under Arms”, I didn’t find out about Tom Roberts painting ‘Bailed Up’ 1895-1927 until a teacher showed me his painting) Terry Knights
Love it! Thanks Terry.

17/04/06 Re: The Legend of Ned Kelly by Terry Knights

It all began in ’78 for Ned and Brother Dan
The Legend of Ned Kelly and the Kelly gang
It was in the township of Greta, very small
With the shooting of a trap and a warrant for them all
They holed up in the mountains beyond Mansfield town
Ready for a siege against the officers of the crown
They had with them two friends Joe Byrne and Steve Hart
Who had ridden with the Kelly’s from the very start
There was a massive hunt for the capture of them all
Which lasted two long years and ended in the fall
A mile from the Kelly’s camped at Stringy bark Creek
The traps waited in ambush upon a mountain peak
But the gang surprised them killed three in the fight
And so was declared outlaws upon that very night
They robbed many banks in daylight very bold
Relieved them of their cash and many sacks of gold
The traps they had an ally, Aaron Sherritt, was his name
He gave the Kelly’s up for their rewards he could claim
So in June of ’80 their supplies had all run out
Capture wasn’t far away for that they had no doubt
For Ned and Joe Byrne Glenrowan was their plan
For them it was to be, what was their final stand
Close to the station they had taken the local Inn
For this their final fight a fight they planned to win
But unknowing to the Kelly’s the traps were forewarned
And so fought a bloody battle until the early dawn
In the heat of fighting they set the Inn alight
Burnt it to the ground with only Ned in sight
In his suit of armour Ned Kelly faced the lot
They fired long, they fired hard into his legs they shot
And in the Melbourne Gaol Ned Kelly they did hang
For that it marked the end of Ned Kelly and his gang.
© Terry Knights


17/04/06 Re: Kelly armour

After surfing the web for an hour and looking at others sites i found this sites armour section and managed to get all the information i needed for my entire 800 word history assignment. Big help. thanks a heap. Tom.

9/04/06 Re: Ned Kelly Printing Plate

greetings, I recently posted a link for a Ned Kelly Printing plate. Please update your bookmarks to
the email address stays the same: Cheers

4/04/06 Re: The Kelly Gang

Hello We have added a link to your great website in relation to a wonderful new Cd release, and hope this is ok.
Kind regards.

31/03/06 Re: Ned's Daughter

I read on Facts at a glance that Edward Kelly had no known children. Have just completed reading Peter Carey's True History of the Kelly Gang where it mentions Edward Kelly becoming a father, his girlfriend Mary Hearn giving birth to a baby girl!!
Would like to know if he did have a daughter?
Thanks and regards
Melanie Bissaker
Peter Carey's book is a novel and only loosely based on Ned's life. His girlfriend in the story Mary Hearn was an entirely fictitious character. Historically, Ned never married and he has no recorded children.
More info can be found

28/03/06 Re: Contact Gary Dean

Hi, I'm trying to contact Gary Dean, Ned Kelly historian. Would you be able to help me out?
Thanks a lot, Alice Moldovan
Try his website
or, depending on where you are, you can visit his shop in Glenrowan.

20/03/06 Re: Ned Kelly printing plate found in Kiewa River Victoria

Hello, My wife and I found part of a printing plate in the Kiewa River about 5 years ago.We have established that the plate is part of the what was used to print the warrant for the Kelly Gang's arrest after the Stringy Bark Creek incident. Please the visit our web site at if you require more information.
Please feel free to contact me via if you can offer an insight.
Yours Faithfully
Andrew Martin

14/03/06 Re: Ned Kelly Police uniforms

Hi there. Do you have any information on the equipment and uniforms of the Police involved in the Kelly Saga? Thanks for any help!
I recommend you contact the Victoria Police Museum.

8/03/06 Re:

Dear Webmaster,
I came across your site today and found it an informative guide to the Kelly history. I noticed you refer to Beechworth as a place of interest and thought our web site may be of interest to you and your web site visitors. is the most comprehensive and up-to-date online resource currently representing Beechworth and surrounding districts. It provides invaluable information for visitors and residents alike and, by its design and content, encourages people to discover the entire region. Our Ned Kelly page also includes a link to your site.
I wonder if you would be interested in adding a link to If you have any questions about our site, please feel free to contact me directly via return e-mail or phone at 0357 283250.
Thank you for your time.
Jamie Horne

1/03/06 Re: Ned Kelly Poster -Is it an original?

Hi i was wondering where i could get a ned kelly poster valued or if you would be able to tell me how much it is worth approx. It is a reward poster with 8,000 pound, etc, and i have had it for over 25yrs. I would like to find out if it is an original or not as i have had it for a long time. It has also been professionally framed so I thought it might be of some value if I was to sell it as an original. I can send a photo if you would like.
Regards, Kobie
Firstly you will need to get a professional appraisal to establish the posters authenticity before any value can be placed. Assuming it is authentic, the valuer will be able to put an estimated dollar value on it and give you a certificate of appraisal. This valuation will generally be set for insurance purposes, its sale value could be quite different and may possibly be slightly less than the estimated value. Essentially the price you get will be whatever someone is prepared to pay for it, either privately or at auction. For the most reliable valuation you will need to find an independant and reputable arts and antiquity valuer near you, preferably one who specialises in antique prints/posters etc. You could contact a well-known and respected specialist auction house in your city, they can do a sale evaluation and will do all the promotion, auction etc. for you. (If you wish to do it yourself - there is always ebay.)

28/02.06 Re: Ned Kelly Links

Hello, Perhaps you would like to add to your list of sites?
Cheers, Rob

13/02/06 Re: book

I bought a book the other day from an oppshop I was so happy it was lorna doone it was published in 1928 and its beautiful it sits in my room I have dedicted to ned
marilyn harris

27/01/06 Re: Ned Kelly

Hello I am an irish student and i am doing a project on ned kelly. after handing up the first draft of the project i lost marks due to the following reasons.
It was unclear as to why the kelly gang formed(what were the reasons for them revolting against the police) and also what did they hope to achieve by rebelling.
Could you please give me a brief response to these questions
Many thanks Darragh
Please note my above mentioned policy of not doing people's school projects for them. The questions you have to follow up are in fact complicated topics that do not have simple responses. But if one wanted to be simplistic (which misses the point when it comes to the study of history) a superficial answer to the first part of the question would be: The gang was formed at the gunbattle of Stringybark Creek when they felt no other option was available but to confront the police sent to find them (due to the 'Fitzpatrick Affair'). And a simplistic answer to the second part of the question would be: survival.

4/01/06 Re: Weapons of the Kelly Gang

Hello! First off I really like your site, I think it is a great source for info on Ned Kelly and his gang. I have a question. Do you know what weapons the gang carried and which members carried what?
Info on Kelly weapons can be found at or

3/01/06 Re: Arthur Steele Family

Dear Sir: I read your feedback list and seen where an Ann Perrin (nee Steele) was requesting information about the Arthur Steele Family. I am researching the Arthur Loftus Maule Steele family. It is an old family starting in England. I have over 2400 names and history concerning The Steele's. I would appreicate if you could put me in touch and/or have Ann Perrin contact me regarding the Steele family. I would like to exchange information regarding our branches. Also if there is some information you may need I would be more then happy to share what I have.
Thank you in advance for your consideration. I can be reached at email
R. E. Steele
I forwarded your email on to the email address I have for Ann's but it is unfortunately no longer active.
(BTW Why does everyone keep calling me 'Sir'?)

22/11/05 Re: Ned's anniversary

I love Ned and like your site alot, i found it when studying Oz history and visit it regularly now for reference purposes.
James Handcock, Geelong. VIC

13/11/05 Re: Ned Kelly

Dear Sir, I have just finished reading "The Inner History of the Kelly Gang" which was given to me as a gift twenty-five years ago and was the ninth edition printed at the time. I found it an excellent read and why this book has not been used as reference material for the pathetic attempts at making a film about this courageous and victimised man I have no idea. The Mick Jagger effort in the 60's was a disgrace, and the latest offering was not much better. I await a film with excitement that offers the real story, beginning in Ireland which tells the real story. The basis to the Kelly story was that not only were the Irish persecuted in their own country by the the English who invaded Ireland centuries before, and have victimised the Irish ever since, but this was followed up here in Australia by the police who were mainly english and who brought their hatred of the irish out with them and who, consequently, hounded the Irish whenever they had the opportunity to do so. The Kelly's were victims of this from the start, and were almost forced into doing what they did to survive. To me, Ned Kelly was an example of the Irish fight for freedom which unfortuneately they were compelled to continue in this country as well, but lost, due to the people in charge being English in a country ruled by the crown.
As far as I am concerned, Ned was a decent, caring hero of the common man. Both he and Peter Lalor were Irish, and the Eureka Rebellion had the same beginnings, the battle being between the mainly Irish miners and the English soldiers. These two are the sort of men that should be hailed in this country as the forerunners of all that is good about Australia and Australians.
David Edmonston
Thanks for your passionate and patriotic email David.

9/11/05 Re: Thomas Curnow

Hi, I have several books on Ned and I read in one of them that Thomas Curnow retreated from Glenrowan and changed his name to lead a peaceful like.. I know he ended up in Wangaratta as a teacher.. but do u know if he did change his name and retreat from the scene after the Seige..
Michael Ball
As far as I'm aware he kept the name Curnow and taught in Ballarat VIC (not Wangaratta).


Hi bail up...
The following info was sent to me by the people running the upcoming auction of Kelly Photographs and items. might be of interest...
cheers, Sascher

This is just a note to let you know that a number of Kelly items will be soon shown for auction in Sydney on October 21. They include a double scrimshaw showing the Kelly Gang, and original cdvs and cabinet cards from 1880 (mostly Brays) including

Ned Kelly (the last taken)
An albumen silver cdv, 6.2 x 10.3 cm photographed by William Burman around July 15, 1880. With the handwritten inscription 'Ned Kelly' beneath the photograph. With some light foxing to the background, but otherwise good condition. Similar image to State Library of Victora image number b26468.
Joe Byrne
An albumen silver cdv, 6.3 x 10.3 cm, with 'J.E. Bray - Photo Beechworth' printed to the bottom, and Jas.E Bray signature and details to reverse, with in pencil "Joe. Burns". This image is Bray's version of Joe Byrne's "strung up" against the door of the Glenrowan Inn on July 5 1880.
Group of Armour and Ned Kelley's rifle
A cabinet card, 10.8 x 16.4 cm, with 'J.E. Bray - Photo Beechworth' printed in purple ink to left, and printed description pasted to reverse. An alternate to Madeley's version in the State Library, though this is larger. With tear to the card middle left, not affected the image, and a slight tear 2mm diameter bottom left affecting only the edge.
Burnt Remnants of Dan Kelly
A albumen silver cdv, 6.2 x 10.3 cm, showing the burnt part corpse of Dan Kelly (or Steve Hart) as retrieved from Glenowan on July 5 1880 and photographed by James Bray. With printed description pasted to the left front edge, and 'James E. Bray/Photographer/Beechworth' to reverse, it also has a contemporary pencil notation "Steve. Hart".
Jones's Glenrowan Inn After the Fire
An albumen silver cdv, 6.2 x 10.3 cm, with "J.E. Bray - Photo - Beechworth" printed to left of card, his full signature & details printed to reverse, along with the title pasted down to lower reverse. The image shows thirteen people amongst the ruins of the Glenrowan Hotel c July 5 1880.
Morgan's Lookout and Ruins of Jones's Inn
A Cabinet Portrait card, 10.2 x 16.5 cm, by Bray, with his details printed to right hand side of card, and title pasted down to reverse. This shows numerous people and horses in the ruins of the Glenrowan Hotel, seen from across the railway track so as to also show the log where Kelly was taken.
Morgan's Lookout and Ruins of Jones's Inn
An albumen silver cdv, 6.2 x 10.3 cm, by James Bray, being a detail of the above image. Taken in July 1880.
Beechworth Courthouse, c 1880
An albumen silver cdv, 6.2x 10.3 cm, by James Bray, with his details printed to right of card and his signature details to reverse.

Tom Thompson
( Australiana Cromwell's Auction Group 209 Harris Street Pyrmont NSW 2009 Ph 02 8514 9444 or 0422 967 432)

27/09/05 Re: Lloyd

Hi Nicky
I have really enjoyed looking at your site,, and am now wondering if you can direct me, or direct my mail, to someone who can assist me. I have been researching the Kelly family as my father had always told us that we were related to the Kelly's and that one of the Lloyd's used to "ride with them. I have since found this man to be Thomas Peter Lloyd who married Maggie Kelly. I am having a little difficulty finding how my Lloyd's are related to Tom Lloyd and am hoping that you may be able to assist.

My great grandfather was Walter Lloyd, born near Melbourne in 1852. Walter Lloyd married Ellen Norris (born 1863 in Tipperary) in 1883. Walter and Ellen, and their 16 children, departed Victoria for Mangoplah (near Wagga Wagga), New South Wales, in 1912. They were presented with a mantelpiece clock from the people of Youarang Hall. Do you know this area?
I am wondering if Walter Lloyd is a son of Jane Lloyd (nee Quin) and ________ Lloyd (two Quinn girls married Lloyd men?)? Which would make him a 1st cousin of the Tom Lloyd mentioned above. I do not have a lot of information, though I know that Walter Lloyd had a sister, Mary, who married a John Marriage. Walter Lloyd died at Mangoplah in the same year that Tom Lloyd died, 1927.

I would so appreciate it if you could be of any assistance to me. I am happy to call you if you could provide me with your telephone number, otherwise I would be grateful for a return email. We are wanting to take a trip to Kelly country and find some of the sites, Eleven Mile Creek would be great. I hear the Griffiths own the property now? Any, any information would be very much appreciated.
Rachael Lloyd

25/09/05 Re: Ned Kelly items for auction Oct 21 2005

Your readers may be interested in sighting a double scrimshaw carved with Kelly and Gang, as well as original photographs of Ned, Joe Byrne, the Group of Armour, Dan Kelly's burnt remnants, and three photographs of the ruins of the Glenrowan hotel. These are mostly by Bray of Beechworth, 1880. All on view in Pyrmont, Sydney during October, for auction in Cromwell's Australiana sale on October 21.
Tom Thompson

1/09/05 Re: Kelly Gang are way kewl

We lurv the K-gang. Yor site is tight and kewl. We found it at school last year and visit it now for fun. Yor time line and quick history pages are slammin. So are yor pics of the K-boys! You should update more often tho. Some sites on yor links page have died and what is with some of the sites you send people too? Hello? Some are stellar for sure, but some of them - out there.
Byee, Gemma G and Rockstar

8/08/05 Re: Those Byrnes get everywhere

Just out of curiosity, I thought you might find this interesting.
Looking at a number of Kelly gang sites in recent months set me to browsing for other famous historical events and finding that there is a lot of fascinating stuff out there. Sometimes a name stands out and attracts your attention...
There was a Michael Byrn or Byrne (spelling depending on which website) on board HMS Bounty at the time of the mutiny in 1789. It seems just about everyone who stayed on the ship (and survived, got caught and brought back to England) was charged whether they were part of the mutiny or not, which seems to have been standard practice. Even Capt. Bligh was court-martialled for losing the ship, but was acquitted of course. The mutineers' court-martial [1792] found that charges against Michael had not been proved and with three others, he was acquitted.

The HMS Bounty crewmembers page <> says Michael was Irish, fair haired, aged 28 at the time of the mutiny, nearly blind and a fiddler who the mutineers kept on board the Bounty although he wanted to leave with Bligh in the open boat. It doesn't confirm any connection with Joe, but you never know. Then there's this:
As soon as I saw this picture, on I thought the man looked familiar.<>;

Louis Alexander Byrne (Acting Storekeeper) [left]; Joe [right] from: IRON OUTLAW dotcom\Ned Kelly Australian Ironoutlaw\The Kelly Gang\Gang_Byrne says of Louis Alexander: Born in Ireland in 1857 For his action at Rorke's Drift <>; [1879] he was mentioned in despatches.
He was killed during the action, aged 22, while giving water to wounded Cpl. Scammell. Interestingly, this action caught the attention of Schiess <>; , who upon seeing Byrne get shot by the sniper,
raced out over the barracades and killed the sniper, whilst also fighting off a number of other Zulu assailants. He is buried at Rorke's Drift, his name is on the memorial there. Although Louis' picture is a sketch rather than a photograph, those Victorian artists were pretty good and I think I see a few similarities other than the moustache, style of clothes and haircut. Louis is around a year older than Joe. Cousins, maybe?
Jim Sowerby

16/07/05 Re: Ned Kelly

Hello, I wanted to let you know I was born and raised in the USA and, until happening upon a copy of "The True History of the Kelly Gang" by Peter Carey, I had honestly never heard of him! At first, in fact, I thought I was reading "pure fiction". I just happened to do an internet search regarding some phrasing in the book. Thus, I found much more than I bargained for.
Being fairly well educated and mostly an "average American", I find it unbelievable that a hero of this magnitude would be so completely off of the American radar. I asked about ten people about Ned Kelly, and they all said, "Who?" He had such a fascinating, dangerous, and interesting life. Of course I intend to read a more historically accurate account of the Kelly Gang, and intend to spread the word about this great Hero.
Thanks. Stephanie Kightlinger

14/07/05 Re: Your review of Corfield.

Hello Nicky, I am not sure how I missed this review before, but I am glad I found it. I was very impressed with what was written and assume you wrote it? You covered all the points I would consider pertinent, especially how you mention his lack of detail about the net. Apart from Ironoutlaw what about your bailup or my glenrowan1880? Having met the author and anticipated the arrival of this book it was a bit of a let down unfortunately. I guess it is a big ask to do such a book and to get all the detail from primary sources such as birth certificates would be costly. I have been contacted by several persons who told me that they found the entry to their family was wrong and wondered how to fix it. It seems Justin does not wish to reply to their concerns. I know we all make mistakes, it would be a good idea to find the errors and if he cannot print a second edition perhaps he could use the medium he ignored (the net) to show the fixes.
Looking forward to your next review, regards Dave White.

6/07/05 Re: Ned Kelly's Last Days

Hello, Allen & Unwin have just published, Ned Kelly's Last Days - an examination of the chain of events that occurred between Ned Kelly's last stand at Glenrowan and the day he faced the public executioner revealing the truth behind the drama, intrigue, and pathos of the death of Australia's most notorious outlaw.
Piecing together a vast jigsaw of obscure records and unpublished material, Alex Castles sets the record straight on the highly questionable judicial processes of the time and sheds a whole new light on the life and death of the most famous bushranger of them all.
[EDITED] If you would like more information on the book, please go to:
Kind regards
Allen & Unwin
Note: This book is currently being reviewed.


Red beard a bushranger apart of Ned Kelly's gang is a part of my long line of family tree I forgot the name my great uncle said but he was know as "RED BEARD" I do not know his real name. If you have any info at all please email me it to because my family tree is becoming a film and I would love the information to make the film politically correct as that the film is being made with a well known american director that i can not release the name but also a few well know highly paid actors and actresses are involved in the film and is planning to be a hollywood hit so please if you can contact me with this information asap so i can make changes to the script as that I am a script editor because of it being based on my family tree. I have also been told that "Red Beard" was not highly documented but any information would be greatly appeciated
thanks william [Willson]

6/05/05 Re: Dan Kelly

Hello My family comes from the Darling Downs. My Great grandparents were given a selection after the war at a place called Bell just north of Dalby. The family originally came from the Greta/St James/Devonish area of Victoria and knew the Kelly family well. My Family name is Walker and my Grandmothers's name was Holian. My great-grandfather was Blacksmith in Greta. I am told that the workshop remains are still there.

I remember my father relating this story to me many years ago when I was too young to appreciate the value of it. There were several stories that supported my Great-grandfathers claims. The first was his contact with Kelly at the Dalby horse sales and then my great-grandmothers at what is believed now to be the Hospice at Ipswich. Whilst much of the evidence available supports that someone made claims to be Dan Kelly, my family's knowledge of them, and the fact that they knew them, did not rely upon anyone staking a claim to be Dan Kelly. My family had in fact identified Dan Kelly. The first sigthing was at Dalby where Kelly did not identify himself, but rather was identified in a sea of faces at a livestock sale, the second in Ipswich came with a claim that a man called himself Dan Kelly, but was able to be confirmed by my Great-grandmother who was able to ask him questions only someone tied closely to the Kelly family would have been able to have known.

There has to be some foundation to the claims that someone may have escaped. If the copies attached are insufficient in quality, I can try to darken another photcopy for you.
Regards Craig Walker
07 3281 7729/0438 781915
PS. I do live in Ipswich as well. Paul Tully I have not met but I am aware that he claims that James Ryan is actually Dan Kelly. I cannot confirm such a story.

5/05/05 Re: Book on Ned please!

My name is Darragh.I Live in Ireland and i am doing a project on Ned Kelly.I decided to study Ned Kelly as he has an irish history and i was also interested on researching his life. I have read Peter Careys book but although i enjoyed the read, it failed to give me facts on Ned's Life as it told it as a story. I am looking for a book which will give good information on the life of Ned kelly one suitable for the project and was wondering could you recommend such a book. For the project i have been asked totake an aspect or part of his life such as the siege of glenrowan or another famous thing ned did.Could yo please also recommend a suitable Project to do on Ned.
Thanks a million(great site too!!)
Slán go fóill

2/05/05 Re: The Glenrowan Affair

Hi there at Bailup,
Over here at Tatong we’ve had fun screening an old 1950’s Ned Kelly movie, “The Glenrowan Affair”. Do you already have a summary of what it true & what is false in this dear old bomb? Apart from the acting. As this question is asked, the Tatong Heritage Group ( needs to work it out, but hey if you’ve already done it… (it would look good on your ‘movies’ page) Great site, excellent reference, keep up the good work.
Yours sincerely,
Andrea I'll-bet-Ned-rode-over-our-front-paddock-once Stevenson


By sheer luck I came across a second-hand copy (paperback) of the above book earlier this week. Its a 7th edition, printed in April 1955 (1st ed. 1929). Then today I received the latest copy of TÁIN magazine with Paul O'Keefe's letter about his Kelly Gang Educational business. This led me to your website which I think is superb and a model for how history may be handled in the internet age.
My primary reason in contacting you however, is to seek your opinion on the merits or otherwise of the above-named book which I haven't read yet.
Chris Mooney
Hi Chris, Thanks for your positive comments. 'Inner History' is a certainly a relevent Kellyana book from an historical perspective. It was pivital in balancing the hero/villian debate for the public. At the time of it's original release the majority of press on the subject of the Kelly gang was in the government's favour and decidedly one-sided. Kenneally was certainly not unbiased and some of his claims may refect this - however his book has worth. Particularly as he did have the trust of the family and others involved first hand in the Kelly outbreak, so it is a true "inner" history. He also inspired numerous writers since, such as Max Brown and others, whose combined work on Kelly history can't be undervalued. So all in all - the book has merit and is a good find. Hang on to it.

16/2/05 Re: Ned Kelly prints

Dear Sir,
I am an Australian artist with a keen interest in Ned Kelly, I have put together 4 pencil sketches in Signed Ltd. Edit. prints that I thought your readers might wish to take a look at. They are currently selling on ebay in the Art section and are Titled : Ned Kelly - Ned Kelly Homestead - Ned Kelly Bail-up - Ned Kelly Wanted. I am hoping you may be able to submit this email for readers information. They are consistantly being relisted within hours
Regards, Keith Pulver

9/2/05 Re: Steve Hart

congratulation on a great site
i was just surfin the net looking for our family names and came across your site.
my grandfather's mother was lily layton fred laytons daughter. so if speculation is true then fred could be my great great grandfather. so if you have any other info or pictures of steve or fred could you please email me.
thank you. darren
Cheers. The person you should be contacting for all information about the Hart family and its members is Paul O'Keefe, his website is


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NedKellyBushranger/ does not usually display email addresses (unless included in the body of the email or otherwise specifically requested) in order to protect the privacy of the individual contributors. If you wish to contact one of our contributors, please email a request to us to that effect, and we will in turn forward your correspondence on. The decision to make further contact will be at the sole discretion of the individual contributor concerned. NedKellyBushranger/ take no responsibility thereafter.


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