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6/03/04 Re: The Last Outlaw - mini series

Hi all
Any news from Channel 7 re this mini series being released on DVD?
Recorded it when it was on the TV last year but this includes adds etc as I was at work at the time. Why are channel 7 SO reluctant to release it, it would sell very well. It is sad that we can buy so many movies, doco's and mini series on VHS and DVD but this one, probably the best one we have ever made in this country - still no after 24 years - channel 7 you are a joke.
It would be a great learning tool to our school kids who seem to know more about American culture and history these days. My 16 year old daughter saw part of it last year and thought it was great and she is not interested in history at all.
The Heath Ledger movie is available in the shops. I have seen it - it was OK but lacked the depth of the mini series and was in some cases quite innacurate and shock/horror no court scene and hanging scene which were integral parts of the legend. Was this to satisfy the overseas market?
Not happy channel 7!!!!
Karina Davidson
Tweed Heads South

Karina, you are not alone in your hope that Channel 7 will release 'The Last Outlaw' on DVD. Yet despite numerous people expressing interest, Brad Webb from ironoutlaw sending them a signature filled petition, and the probability for good sales in Australia - channel 7 remain reluctant to release the miniseries on DVD or VHS. Perhaps there is a tricky legal issue, which they are not willing to disclose to the public, that is stopping them, but whatever the reason, for now, we must be content with the various movies and docos that are available, or wait till TLO is replayed on TV and set VCRs on record. (Note: VHS copies of the Besieged documentary can be purchased for $38 plus postage. (No DVDs available yet.)
Enquiries: Ronin Films phone: 02 6248 0851, Fax: 02 6249 1640, or Email:

6/03/04 Re: question

What did Ned Kelly wear to protect himself from being shot?
Steve Whittington

2/03/04Re: Short Facts

Hello, at my school i'm doing a project on a notable austalian and obviously i choose Ned.
But anyway iwas just wondering if you cuold make any easy to find link for Ned's quick and easy SHORT FACTS. I would be great if you could
A 'quick' history section, including 'short facts' and a time line can be found HERE

2/03/04 Re: Ned Kelly School project

Dear bail up, my name is Tim Morosoli and I was doing some work tonight and found this letter written by my son to you and not sure if he has sent it or just saved it. Whilst reading it, I was very impressed that he has the aptitude to research areas of interest to him. As I read further, I was very proud to see he mentioned what we are trying to do, then I read the last paragraph and tears were welling in my eyes. He is a very bright and intelligent boy, and yes we have had times that are best left behind, how ever, I would really like to see him excel in this project and any assistance you can provide would certainly make his day. I am very proud that he even took the time to do the e-mail. I hope you will be able to help
Kindest regards,
Tim Morosoli
Hi, my name is Aaron Morosoli, and Im 9 yrs old. We are currently doing a project on famous Australians and i chose Ned Kelly as he seems to be like my family - trying to do the best for his family but things dont always go his way. Seems that he may have been a victim of his time from what my dad has told me. We have 3 parts to the project.
1)Make fact sheet answering these questions. a)What is my full name, b)Where was i born, C)what am i famous for, d)if i wasnt born in Australia, where was i born and when did i come to Australia, e)how did i get here, f)how old was i when i arrived, g)where did i live in Australia, H)why did i come to Australia, I)what language did i speak, j)was i married and who too, K)did i have children,if so how many, and their names, L)whoo did i work for, M) was i employed by the government, n) did i run my own business
2)write a narrative about "a day in the life" of Ned.
3)Dress up day, we have to dress like the person we research (Dad is helping me with this making a carboard suit of armour) but he is finding it hard to find pictures that give some details as dad is like that.
I was hopping you may be able to help me with this, i dont want you to do it, just point me where to find the infomation and if i could email again if i cant find the answers.
Dad said we could go to where Ned has his last stand at Glenrowan, will i find the answers there, i really want to do well on this project as that last few years i wasnt behaving at school and now i want my dad to be proud.
Thanks for helping

28/02/04 Re: Statistics

Thank you for replying to my email. It was of much help to my research.However, I have a more specific question I would like to as of you. Do you know of any statistics of how people think of Ned Kelly as either a criminal or hero? I need to find any statistics I can to either support or compare to my primary research. I have found this very difficult so far as I cannot seem to find any available to view on the net. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.
Louise Pearson
To date no survey results have been publised (or probably even taken) to indicate current stats on the public's opinion about Ned Kelly. However, a few years ago Sixty Minutes did a story on Ned's trial and followed it up with a phone poll about whether the public thought he should have been found guilty of murder or not. Of those who phoned in the result was overwhelmingly in agreement that they believed he should never have been convicted (based on the Sixty Minutes story). This result may still be available somewhere on their website and could be worth a look? However it is worth baring in mind that phone polls are notorious for not being accurately representative of the general public (as only those passionate about the subject matter tend to phone it), and the result does not actually answer your specific question of general opinions about Ned 'hero or criminal'. It does, nevertheless, tend to indicate that a high percentage of Australians consider he was unfairly treated, so it may be of some help to your research. (Alternatively you may have to conduct your own survey?)

25/02/04 (rec 4/3/04) Re: Ned Kelly

Hi, I really need some info on Ned Kelly 4 school. I am doing a short speech on him but the only information I can find is about his life of crime, like the years he robbed a bank, or murdered policemen. But nothing about the real story. How the police were unfair to him and his family. I really hope you can help me soon. I can't just keep doing nothing in English class. I'll just have to Wright that other info in.
Thanks, Bev
There are plenty of books around that tell both sides to the story, you should be able to borrow one of them from a library. For the info you are after some good Kelly authors would include: John Molony, Max Brown, Ian Jones, or Keith McMemomy. However probably the best recommendation for you would be 'Black Snake' by Carole Wilkinson, which was published in 2002 and written specifically for kids. More info

27/02/04 Re: Ned Kelly

i love looking up Bail up to try and find out information about Ned Kelly but I was just wondering... if you could shed more light on the fact that the Kelly's were know longer outlaws at the time of Glenrowan because I do find that interesting...
my second question is that has something to do with Ned's sisters. Now I know that you here a lot about Maggie and Kate Kelly but there was a sister of Neds Anne or Annie that for some reason has nothing being said she did die early into the Kelly story as she was only 19 but if possible I think it would be really great if you could get more stuff about his sister Anne
Faith Sealey
There isn't much more to tell, the Felon's Apprehenshion Act, which made the gang 'outlaws', had a set time span and was to be reviewed by parliament before it expired. In December 1879 parliment had extended the original Act 'until the end of the next sitting of parliament', i.e. the prorogation. The prorogation of that sitting of parliament was June 26th 1880, however on this date the Act had not been extended and thus expired. Therefore after the 26th the gang were no longer held under the Act as outlaws.
For a more detailed explanation click HERE. Some information regarding Annie Gunn (nee Kelly) can be found in 'A Short Life' by Ian Jones.

26/02/04 Re: Ned Kelly Encyclopaedia

All you interested people who read all that is printed re Ned and his relatives. Justin Corfield, has many entries in his new work only just published but I find mistakes regarding members of my immediate family, these people are our Fathers, Grandfathers Uncles etc. My uncle Ned Lloyd was NOT billed in England when he rode in the London Exhibition in 1911 as "THE OUTLAW", I have read the advertisements of the day, it was the HORSE described as an Outlaw, the headings were "Taming of an English Outlaw" This man I knew and it is only the last generation , respected and loved by myself and others with fond childhood memories. My Father did not sell photos at Christies Auction in 2002,
Lola Rowe (nee Lloyd).

23/02/04 Re: Ned Kelly poem

i wrote this poem about Ned Kelly do you want to post it at you sitr ????email from Milly

Yes Ned Kelly was Australia’s greatest outlaw
Wanted by the Victorian law, a criminal to them they built this wall
To the public a hero in disguise for he told no lies
Galant as a leader, victorious to his friends
Ned Kelly only ever wanted to make amends
At the age of 16 a horse he found by fate
Lead to three years behind the prison gate
Released but not free from the law
His fate the final straw
To imprison his mother by the law, she was framed
For the vengeance of Ned, yes he felt this pain
To make an outlaw out of him they drove him to sin
Robbing from the rich to give to the poor
Ned Kelly had to be stopped
A two thousand pound bounty on his life
Dead or alive made him wanted even more
Until that fatal day 25 years old and just as bold
Ned Kelly final words where told
"I guess it has come to this."
"Such is Life."
So at 10 o'clock on the 11th November 1880
They tired a rope around his throat
A life so young has moved on so the law could gloat
But in our Australian hearts
He will never be forgotten with the memoirs of a life so strong
Because in the end, he thought he did no wrong

16/02/04 Re: Ned Kelly Research

My name is Kate Poppitt. I am a student in Year Twelve at Penrith High Academic High School in NSW, Australia. As part of my HSC I am studying the History Extension Course which requires me to undertake a major work consisting of researching a historic inquiry into an area of our choice. i have chosen for my major work to study Ned Kelly and in particular what makes him a hero in the modern Australian and possibly world society and popular culture. My focus question is:
"How has the use/misuse of history/historiography contirbuted to the construct of the heroic Ned Kelly in Modern Popular Culture?"
As your website has been extremely helpful and enlightening in this area I was wondering whether you had any more infomation that I might be abe to use that you could email me. If you are at all interested please email me back as soon as you get the chance. Thankyou very much.
Kate Poppitt

14/02/04 Re: Harry Power

Hi, I loive in Ireland an am looking for info on vushranger Harry Power. How much is known about him? All I have so far is the bare bones. Hopefully you can help me to start fleshing it out.
Yours-------- in hope
Bill. Walsh
Try the book 'Harry Power, Ned Kelly's Tutor' by Gary Dean and Kevin Passey. (Thanks to Dave White for this recommendation).

12/02/04 Re: Ned Kelly Research

My name is Louise Pearson. I am currently studying for my HSC at St Columba's College, Springwood. As part of my studies i am undertaking a Personal Interest Project (P.I.P). My P.I.P is focused on the debate of whether Ned Kelly is a criminal or a hero and why. I was wondering if you could assist me with information concering this debate. If not do you know anyone that could possibly help me with this.
Thank You Kindly
Louise Pearson

10/02/04 Re: Images of 'My name is Edward Kelly', the ballet

Hi - having seen your links from today, I thought you may be interested in these images of an Australian Ballet production:



Erica Ryan, Manager
Digitisation Project
National Library of Australia
Parkes ACT 2600

6/02/04 Re: Brendan Pearce

Trying to find Brendan Pearse, just to get that beer he owed me when at Fitzroy Footy Club.
Glenn Levens
Perhaps this email should really have been filed on this site's well-known 'Personals, announcements and horoscopes' page?

29/01/04 Re: King Valley Newsletter

The latest issue of Greg Naylor's newsletter,"King Valley Watchdog" is now available at
Greg Naylor

26/01/04 Re: Did a relative of Ned Kelly come to "Kelly's Bay" in the Kiapara Harbour in NZ ?

Hi, There is a constant but unsubstantiated belief that Kelly's Bay here in NZ is named after one of Ned Kelly's brothers who was brought to New Zealand by a boat with his aboriginal wife, and lived here. The story goes that he was put on a boat in Australia, with the instruction not to bring him back and he was put ashore in the Kaipara Harbour in the early days and lived here. The bay is named after him.
Do you have any records of this or can advise of any one who can assist us? We are exploring and recording our early history and would appreciate your advice. We have an early settlement site but have no records of who was there.
Thank you
Max Street
Treasurer, Kelly's Bay Improvement Society Inc
The key word here is 'unsubstantiated', your quest for evidence of a Kelly brother arriving at NZ is unfortunately a futile one. There were only 3 Kelly brothers (plus one King, Ned's half-brother, who lived in West-Australia). Ned and Dan Kelly both died in 1880, and Jim Kelly lived in Benalla where he died a bachelor. It seems likely that your Kelly was either a distant or no relation to Ned Kelly, or possibly one of the numerous imposters pretending to be Dan and claiming to have escaped from Glenrowan. (The real Dan however died at Glenrowan in 1880 and is buried at Greta cemetery.)

25/01/04 Re: Beveridge

I know Beveridge is growing in popularity a tourist spot because Ned Kelly was born there, but I saw on the news we now have aliens coming to see it. Did anyone else see the photo taken of a UFO? 'The truth is out there'.
Lim Jones
The Age newspaper article 'Whittlesea's alien lies in the eye of the beholder'

10/01/04 Re: Ned Kelly

Could you please tell me where i can buy a copy of the book "After a century of acrimony"? I have heard it has a copy of a letter to the NSW premier from the gang that i would be interested to read. Thankng you in advance.
Matt Smith
The book "Ned Kelly After a century of acrimony" by John Meredith and Bill Scot, was first published by Landsdown Press in 1980. It does indeed have a photocopy and transcript of Ned's letter to Sir Henry Parkes (Premier of NSW). It is an worthwhile source book, which also includes an excellent bibliography of Kelly books, as well as films, songs, poems, periodicals etc. You may be able to pick one up via the internet, or at a second hand bookshop if you keep your eye out, otherwise try your local library.

8/01/04 Re: Quinns

I would be grateful for any information regarding the history of the brothers of Ned's mother, Ellen Quinn/Kelly. I believe there was Patrick (who died quite young) Jack, James (Jimmy?) and Bill. I am particularly interested in whether or not these men married (and who), did they remain in that region of Victoria and when or how they died etc. There seems to be very little information available on this side of the family.
thanks and regards
J Woods

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