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The following are just a few of the Kelly websites on line. (The sites in the research section are a must to visit.) And as you can see, even from this limited selection, their are many different views on the Kellys.

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Research Sources online:

Public Record Office Victoria

PROV allows you to search the archives of Victoria online to find and view many of the 'Kelly documents'. It has a search engine with simple and advanced search options and provides access to documents for Kelly research.


Ned Online

Ned Online offers a large collection of Kelly documents to the public. The text is also typed online for those documents that are at all unclear or difficult to read.


Treasures of the State Library of Victoria.


The Jerilderie Letter was dictated by Ned Kelly to Joe Byrne in 1879.


Images of the armour owned by Ned Kelly.


Stringybark Creek

Created by Deakin University this site explores in minute detail the events of Stringybark Creek. It includes old Kelly movies that can be downloaded, comparative eyewitness accounts of Ned Kelly and Constable McIntyre's versions of events, and the Coroners reports. Brilliant site.




General Interest:


Ironoutlaw.com was the first true Kelly site on the net and certainly remains one of the best. Web designer (and book publisher) Brad Webb created this huge and popular site. Ironoutlaw.com has won many web awards, and has inspired and influenced many other Kelly sites, including this one. Over the years Brad has offered (through his 'feedback' and writings sections) a much appreciated opportunity for the masses to express opinions. He has also promoted numerous Kelly events, and previously unknown amateur Kelly historians. Brad has also recently done a very noble thing and published a revised edition of the all-time treasure 'Australian Son' by Max Brown. I highly recommend ironoutlaw (and not because Brad happens to be a friend and all-round good guy).



This regularly expanding and updated website is dedicated to report on all stories and research to do with Kelly and the gang. Includes an extensive selection of links. The open-minded' no-stone-unturned' researcher and webmaster, Bill Denheld, shares his investigations and happily welcomes any and all questions and discussion. I certainly recommend this site.


The Ned Kelly Archives SMH

The Sydney Morning Herald has archived its stories about Ned Kelly in an easy to navigate site. It includes more links, a photo gallery and is worth a browse.


Cobb & Co Glenrowan

Well-known researcher and personality Gary Dean runs this Kelly site, which includes information on other Australian bushrangers, a history of 'Policing at Glenrowan', and some general information about Kelly attractions in Glenrowan. There is also an Kellyana E-shop and a subscriber section to access a number of close transcripts of Kelly documents.



This site, by Dave White, was intended to explore all aspects of the Glenrowan Siege of 1880 and does do so with varying degrees of success. However, the content of this site now strays so widely and frequently from its intended topic that it lacks coherence and is messy to use, which is disappointing particularly if your time is precious. There is also a never-ending supply of personal opinions (and a touch of self-acclaim throughout which can be a little hard to take). Overall if you choose to fish for the Kelly story in this sprawling site - make sure you wear your waders.
: This site has recently undergone a structural rebuild and thankfully much has been done to aid site navigation. Unfortunately, the text is now white print against a black background making it very hard on the eyes. (I haven't had time to review the text, so can make no comment on possible changes in that regard.)


Australian Bushrangers

"Take a Journey into Australian Bushranging History, our prisons and some notorious modern day crooks!!" says this webmaster, and one of Ned Kelly's most colourful and cadid fans, Mr Ilama, (aka Dave Cox). This inimitable site has a bit of everything. It includes information on Harry Power, Wild Wright, Ned's prison record, Ellen Kelly, and the 1880 Royal Commission. Also thrown in, is some info on some of Australia's recent criminals, and prisons.


Joe Online



General History / Resources:

Old Melbourne Gaol

This was an excellent site - unfortunately it is currently under reconstruction. When operating however, it gives details of its past inmates including Ned Kelly and many other prisoners. It also gives a history of the gaol itself. The surviving part of which is one wing, a three-story section of what when in operation was known simply as the 'Melbourne Gaol'. It was built in 1852 and there were 136 hangings on site between 1842 and 1924. There are 36 death masks of hanged men and women. One can also purchase a variety of books and souvenirs (mostly on Ned Kelly). Of particular interest is the 'drop' and original beam from which Ned was hung back in 1880.

Temporary link to the gaol via the National Trust
www.vicnet.net.au/~omgaol - LINK CURRENTLY INACTIVE

National Trust

The National Trust work toward preserving, and where appropriate, restoring our national heritage buildings. It is a non-profit, non-government organisation. The National Trust own John 'Red' Kelly's homestead at Beveridge, Victoria. The building is deteriorating very quickly and need's your help. If you wish to help preserve a part of Ned's childhood, then follow the link below and head for the 'contact us' page.


Victorian Heritage register online

The Victorian Heritage Register and Inventory are now available on-line in this fully searchable database. The Register is a comprehensive listing of Victoria's most significant places, objects and historic shipwrecks. The Heritage Inventory lists all known historic archaeological sites and relics. This is one place to look up John Kelly's former house Beveridge and other properties associated with Ned.


Fethard's Red Kelly page.

John Kelly, father of Ned Kelly was baptized on 20th February 1820 in Moyglass Church in the Parish of Killenaule in the county of Tipperary, in Ireland. This website is a good place to learn about the man that fathered Ned and Dan Kelly.


Ned on the ABC

The ABC's brief overview of Ned Kelly's life. This info page is worth a quick look, but beware the odd, albeit forgivable, error. Such as the claim that Ned was born in 1854 (this is not historical fact, as he is just as likely to have been born in 1855), and that he was the "eldest of eight children". (In fact Ned was the eldest boy, but 3rd born child. There were 8 Kelly children, but Ned also had 4 half-siblings, making him the eldest boy of 12.)


Victoria Police Museum

Unfortunately there is no more than a web-page online about the Victoria police museum, but it does include an overview about the museum and its opening hours and contact details. For anyone seeking information on the police at the time of the Kelly outbreak then contacting the museum via this web-page would be worth-while.




Kelly Gang Educational

Paul O'Keefe has launched a terrific new service, which has been specifically designed for primary school groups (school years 5 - 8), and is called "The Kelly Gang, Our Family, Our Story". This unique service, for NSW schools, tells the whole story of the Kelly gang and its members, and incorporates a state of the art multi media presentation, role play, and hands on historical props. Students will learn all aspects of this important area of Australian history, including what it is that has given the Kelly gang lasting iconic status in our folklore. The presentations are authorised by the NSW Department of Education Performance of schools program.
Paul is directly related to the Kelly Gang, (his Great great grandmother’s brother was gang member, Steve Hart, and his Great great grandmother, Ettie Hart, was Ned Kelly’s girlfriend). Paul's main aim has always been to make sure the historical truth is the one that the public hears, so there is no doubt his presentations will be factually accurate, and his relationship to the gang members will no doubt make the presentations more compelling for his young audience. Never before has any relative of the Kelly gang actively sought to share this story directly with the public, which is why this new educational resource is such a treasure.

For more information visit his new website (link below), or to book Paul for an incursion email him at info@kellygangeducational.com


Australian History Promotions



Ned Kelly : resources and activities site by The Daily Telegraph; "Take the Challenge".


Bushranger Site

"A Discovery Site for Kids" by Hazel Orr and Andrew Stackpool. This is a comprehensive site covering all things to do with bushrangers. Such as: classroom activities, quotes, poetry, and includes bios on over 30 Australian bushrangers. It also includes a detailed page on Ned's 'tutor' Harry Power and has a Q&A option. Worth a look!


Ned Kelly - Australia general knowledge

This page offers a challenge for students "Reading Comprehension, Ned Kelly - Criminal and folk hero". Unfortunately their are a few historical errors, such as the claim that Ellen Kelly (Ned's mother) came to Australia as a convict (she was actually the daughter of an immigrant), and that Dan "died in a fire" (in fact he probably committed suicide before the fire was lit). But nontheless this site is worth a look for those it is aimed at, i.e. students of general Australian history.




Kelly Country 2000

This site covers some early history of Australia, and mainly deals with pictures of historically significant sites in 'Kellycountry'. It also has a forum where users can post opinions and chat directly with each other, which (although unfortunately tends to be dominated by a small group of people) may well be useful for anyone who wishes to hook up with other Kellyites and those new to Kelly history who are seeking research help from Kelly buffs.


Kelly Touring Route

Those wishing to visit the sites of 'Kelly Country' should visit this website, which is a joint initiative between the municipalities of the Rural City of Wangaratta, Benalla Rural City, Mansfield, Strathbogie, Indigo and Jerilderie (NSW) Shire Councils. It covers all the important historical Kelly sites and towns essential for any pilgrimage.



The town of Beechworth played a significant part in the Kelly story. If one was planning a visit to 'Kelly country' including Beechworth on your tour is a must, and this website offers loads of info including; Beechworth's history (including its buildings), events & festivals, accommodation, and maps.


Proposed Ned Kelly Centre Glenrowan

Following a master plan 'feasibility study' renowned architect Penleigh Boyd and designer Bill Denheld have laid down for consideration a preliminary concept design for the proposed Ned Kelly Interpretive Visitor Centre at Glenrowan. The ' work in progress ' has been submitted to the Glenrowan Planning Steering Committee for evaluation. All concept design has been done on a voluntary and goodwill basis. Their intent and efforts are purely to assist the promotion of a Ned Kelly Centre at Glenrowan. For further details got to this link:


The King Valley Tourist Route Portal

This site is a terrific one for anyone wishing to visit the beautiful King Valley in northeast Victoria, otherwise referred to as 'Kelly Country'. It contains a wealth of information and is operated by a man who lives it Whitfield. It is an independent Portal featuring all the known websites about the King Valley region (between Mansfield and Wangaratta).


King Valley Watchdog Newsletter

An independant online newsletter "re-enchanting community spirit with up to date news of The King Valley, N.E.Victoria."


Ghosts at the Old Melbourne Gaol

Do you believe in ghosts? A couple of photos were taken of 'ghosts' at the gaol during 'Ned: The Exhibition'. (Unfortunately the people from this site are under the misconception that Ned was never buried there.)



Art and Culture:



'Outlawed' Exhibition

The National Museum of Australia in Canberra is holding a fascinating exhibition investigating outlaw legends: The World's Rebels, Revolutionaries and Bushrangers! The exhibition is inviting visitors to take stock of what they know about outlaws from the hard historical facts through to their popular portrayal in literature, film and song and to make their own decision about whether these national legends are heroes, villains or maybe even both. The website contains all relevant information and includes an interactive section to test your knowledge about outlaws through the ages, as well as, a chance to cast your own verdict on famous outlaws.

www.nma.gov.au/exhibitions/outlawed www.nma.gov.au/exhibitions/outlawed/explore_the_outlaws/kelly_gang/

Ned Kelly The movie

This is the movie that everyone waited impatiently for... and with Heath Ledger as Ned Kelly who can blame us?! This is the official movie site for the film version of the novel 'Our Sunshine', which was released in Australian cimemas in March 2003 and is now available on DVD.


The Sash Movie site

This site is for a movie The Sash that is currently in pre-production. The director Scot McPhie claims he wants to make the film as historically accuarte as possible. Here's hoping.





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